There are a variety of circumstances that can prompt a payday lender to harass you in this manner. One of these scenarios is the fact that you took out a payday loan but have yet to repay it in full. Now, several phone calls from your lender’s collection agency are being made to you. Because receiving calls from payday lenders can be a source of annoyance, you will do your best to find out how to stop them from calling you and stop them from harassing you in the future. On the other hand, you haven’t applied for a payday loan, but a con artist is pretending to be from a payday loan firm and is now pressuring you to pay off the debt they created by pretending to be from that company.

Illegal Communication

The law in the United States prohibits your payday lender from continually calling or harassing you in any way. You cannot be threatened by the loan firm with an increase in your debt that is in excess of the agreed-upon interest rate. Additionally, it is not permitted to threaten to throw you in jail or to contact you outside of normal work hours. If you ask the company not to contact you at work, they should honor your request and refrain from doing so.

Cease Communication Letter

If your creditors continue to phone you, you have the option of writing them a letter to request that they refrain from doing so. The letter can be brief, but it must make it clear that you want your payday lenders to refrain from calling you at either your home or your place of business. The next step is to let them know that you prefer correspondence in the form of a letter.

If, after submitting the letter, your payday lenders continue to disregard it, you should immediately file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and get in touch with the attorney general of the state in which you live. You can go to the official website of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and look for sample letters that you could use to write your own letter, or you can click here to fill out and print our letter template online. If you need assistance in creating a cease communication letter, you could go to the official website of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and look for sample letters.

You Should Not Be Afraid

The law in the United States prohibits payday lenders or their collectors from using threats against borrowers. You should now ask for a case number if you want to deter payday lenders from threatening you with a lawsuit in order to collect money from you. Take careful note of the name of the judicial system in which the lawsuit has been submitted.

If your lenders have claimed that they are working with law enforcement, you should inquire about the name of the law enforcer and the agency that they work for. The next step is to inform the person who called that you will be calling the local police station in order to confirm the identification of the officer.

It is important for you to maintain your composure if you are being harassed by a payday lender over the phone. You shouldn’t let yourself get really worked up over it. You shouldn’t give the impression to them that you’re terrified of your creditors. They will keep calling you even if they can get the impression that you are afraid of them.


Do you have the ability to prevent debt collectors from payday loans from accessing your bank account? The response is going to be maybe. It is dependent on the particulars of your situation as well as the laws of the state in which you reside. Because of this, it is strongly recommended that you obtain the opinion of an attorney or the advice of an expert in debt settlement.

How will the people trying to collect on your debt access your bank account?

They need to seek an order from the court. This indicates that they will have no choice but to successfully sue you. Should the verdict be rendered in their favour, they will be able to access your bank account. Having said that, you do not have to live in constant worry that your creditors could access your bank account at any point before they have the judge’s approval of their request.

However, depending on the circumstances, debt collectors may not require a favorable judgement in order to access your bank account and take money from it. In the event that, in addition to your payday loan, you have taken out a loan from the federal government, the federal government does not need a judgement to be entered against you in order to access your account.

You can be sure that your creditors and debt collectors will collect what you owe to them if you have given your lenders permission to access your bank account when you obtained your payday loan. If you have given your lenders permission to access your bank account, you will need to pay back your payday loan.

Because of this, you should under no circumstances reveal the details of your bank account to your creditors. Unfortunately, the majority of companies that provide payday loans need their customers to supply information about their bank accounts in order to verify that they have the ability to repay the loans. If you give them permission to deduct money from your account, you are effectively granting them permission to do so in the future.

Even worse, they may take more money from you than the whole amount that you owe. You will need to provide evidence to demonstrate that your creditors did, in fact, remove additional funds from your bank account, which could be a time-consuming process. In addition to this, it may be necessary for you to initiate legal action against your creditors. You are aware that legal representation can be pricey.

To avoid your creditors to get your funds from your bank account, you should never enable them to access your account details in the first place. Never consider doing something like this. If your lenders require you to furnish them with information about your bank account before they would approve your loan, you should open a separate bank account that is used solely for the purpose of making payments on your payday loan. Then, you shouldn’t deposit any money into the account unless it’s money that your creditors desire to have.

To get support

By contacting a local attorney or consulting an expert on debt settlement, you can prevent debt collectors from accessing your bank account in order to collect on payday loan debts. The second option is more cost-effective given that the first consultation with the specialist is provided at no cost. A debt settlement professional is also well-versed in the state legislation that are pertinent to your particular circumstance.


The form of loan known as a “genuine payday loan” is one that you apply for and get through a direct lending organisation. A direct lender will provide you with a response to your application within a short amount of time. This indicates that you will soon receive the funding if it is granted, which is good news. However, the amount of time it will take for the lender to transfer the money to your account will be determined by the lender that you select.

How can you tell if the company you’re dealing with actually provides payday loans?

The rates of interest and fees charged by a legitimate payday loan business will be significantly different from those charged by a fraudster. A legitimate payday lending business will hold the appropriate licences and licences. Additionally, it functions in compliance with the laws of the state. This organisation will provide you with advance notice of its fees and interest rates. They are also written in plain text in the document that you will be required to sign.

When assessing a lending company, another factor to take into consideration is its level of approval. When dealing with a firm, you should exercise extreme caution if the organisation promises you a guaranteed payday loan. Although lenders often reduce their requirements, they never give out loans without first determining whether or not the applicant would be able to pay back the money.

It is also vital for you to look into the lender’s guidelines regarding the maximum loan amount. The maximum amount of money that an individual is permitted to borrow is regulated in a manner that varies from state to state. If the company offers loans for amounts that are higher than the limit set by the state, this is a strong indicator that it is not functioning within the parameters set by the legislation in your state.

You should also investigate the ratings and comments made about a genuine payday loan provider.

The reviews will offer you a sense of how the compa itny runs. However, you shouldn’t rely just on the reviews that are offered on the company’s website. Instead, you should use Google, Bing, or Yahoo to conduct some research in order to locate some comments regarding the company’s reputation.

Evaluate your financial situation to determine whether or not you are capable of paying back the loan before you even consider applying for a traditional payday loan. If you have any reason to believe that you won’t be able to return your loan on time, you shouldn’t even bother applying for one in the first place. Keep in mind that a lending firm has the authority to record your overdue payments to credit bureaus, which will have a significant negative impact on your capacity to apply for a loan in the future.

You should also read the document that the lender will require you to sign and understand what it says. You need to study the paper very attentively in order to gain a deeper comprehension of the whole amount of the fees that you are going to be responsible for paying. You might think about working with a company that provides free consultations on the steps to take in order to obtain a genuine payday loan rather than going at it alone.


When you are having trouble making ends meet, you could be easily persuaded to apply for a payday loan by an advertisement because of the loan’s qualities of providing quick cash without doing a credit check. You could be persuaded to believe that this product is the solution to your financial woes by this style of promotion. If you do not keep close tabs on your funds, unfortunately, getting a payday loan could land you in legal hot water. You are in luck since there is a debt consolidation programme for payday loans that may be able to aid you in getting out from under your financial obligations.

Is it doable to consolidate many payday loans into one payment?

Debts from payday loans can sometimes be consolidated into one payment, but this is not always practicable. The reason for this is that consolidation of loans is something that is not permitted by all of the lenders. If you wish to submit an application for a debt consolidation service for payday loans, you need first consult with a credit counsellor to determine whether or not your lender permits consolidation.

However, this does not mean that a debt consolidation management programme cannot help you even if your lender does not permit it. As long as you sign up for the service of the best credit counsellor, you will have the opportunity to communicate with a knowledgeable individual who will evaluate your overall financial situation and be able to find you a solution that will unquestionably assist you in escaping your debt. All you need to do is sign up for the service.

At Real PDL Help, our credit counselors will work with your lenders to consolidate some of your payday loans together with your unpaid medical bills and credit cards. Doing so will significantly drop the amount of money you owed. This will then help you get out of the payday loan debt that you can’t consolidate.

The benefits include; reducing, settling and being free of payday loan debt. Payday loan debt consolidation is a process that can help anyone with overwhelming debt from payday loans.  By stopping the fees that payday lenders charge, you will greatly reduce the payments that you are expected to make.  Plus, just make one payment! Stop the payday loan trap today.

This is one of the reasons you should only talk to a certified credit counselor. It’s the best way to have an expert assess your financial situation at no charge so you could finally find the right path that would help you get out of your debt sooner.

Is it feasible to get a cash advance on a credit card?

Be extremely cautious if you decide to use them because they carry the same level of danger as payday loans. In order for this kind of financial solution to work, cash will be given to you through an ATM using your existing credit line. Because it originates from an ATM, you could mistakenly believe that it is safe to consume. But in most situations, this is not the case.

Always keep in mind that the interest rates on credit cards are very high. When compared to the other kinds of loans that you may get through conventional transactions, this one is considered to be superior. If you are unable to repay the bank, you are doing more harm than good to your credit rating and should avoid doing so.

Talk to a debt consolidation specialist who specialises in payday loans before you look for a solution to your growing loan burden. This will ensure that you find the solution that is most appropriate for your financial situation.


It is simple to get a payday loan from either a website or a storefront that is located on the main street. It is possible to be of great service, particularly in the event that there is an unexpected circumstance at home. Because of the high interest rates associated with this form of loan, it will be challenging for you to return what you are obligated to pay back. Make sure that you shop around first to avoid having to cope with the burden of a debt from a payday loan.

Ask Your Lenders

Now, if you have already received a payday loan and you are having trouble repaying your lender, the best thing that you might do is to negotiate with your creditor to lower the amount that you are required to pay back. It can be challenging to bargain with lenders who are willing to provide you a significant favour in your circumstance. As a consequence of this, a lot of people will go to businesses that offer relief from payday loans.

These businesses will negotiate on your behalf to assist you in paying back your loans in a more expedient manner and within a shorter amount of time. Your creditors are willing to take certain measures to assist you because they are aware that doing so could increase the likelihood that you will be able to return the money that was loaned to you by them.

Get a pro

Another action you may take to get out of the debt you owe from payday loans or avoid further debt from being incurred is to work with a consumer credit counselling programme. Any individual who want to improve their credit rating might seek assistance from this category of service. Credit counsellors are available to assist you with developing a budget as well as other aspects of financial planning.

After that, they will negotiate with your creditors or credit card companies so that you may get your current loans back in order and continue making payments. Check out the list of credit counsellors that can be found on the website of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling if you are interested in working with a reputable credit counsellor. You are required to work exclusively with a counsellor who is a part of such a group.

Be Smart

You could find that a payday loan is helpful in getting you through a difficult financial situation. However, this is not the most efficient way to get there. In point of fact, those who specialise in finance consider it to be the absolute worst choice you could make. If you are able to come up with other options, you won’t have to take out a payday loan, which is something that will undoubtedly put your entire financial situation in jeopardy.


Payday loan debt is notoriously difficult to escape from in the midst of a severe economic downturn. The interest on your debt can accumulate to the point where it consumes a large portion of your salary. Real PDL Help is a payday loan consolidation company that has won multiple awards for their services. They provide credit counselling resources that can assist you in developing a repayment strategy that will allow you to get back on your feet and pay off your payday loan debt.

Real PDL Help is able to match you with a program or a plan that can assist you in beginning the process of repairing your credit rating after you have paid off your payday loan debt. This service is provided in addition to the provision of resources for credit counseling.

What features a payday loan consolidation offers?

If you have fallen behind on payments to the lending business that provided you with a payday loan, you should consider consolidating your debt with a payday loan. After you have submitted your claim for settlement in conjunction with a firm that specializes in consolidating payday loans, the company will be the one to notify your payday lender that they are no longer allowed to communicate with you.

The business that consolidates your payday loans will handle all of your payments and will negotiate with the lending company on your behalf. You also have the option of changing your contact information to reflect that of the consolidation firm, which will allow it to serve as your go-between.

Settling Your Debts

Real PDL Help is one of the most well-known specialists in the field of payday loan consolidation in the United States. This is due to the fact that the company delivers as promised by assisting you in the settlement of your payday loan debts. It will negotiate with the company that is providing you with financing to reduce the actual sums.

Your creditor will be contacted by the company, and a compromise will be reached. Because we have already developed ties with a number of debt agencies in the United States, we are able to help you make the entire process go more smoothly than it would if you were the one to contact each agency individually.

Risk of Excessive Debt

One of our primary objectives is to educate our clients about the potential downsides of carrying a large amount of debt. In the future, when it comes to handling your debt and finances, we are going to present you with as many fair options as we possibly can. You can visit our website to read helpful articles and information on how to get out of debt and how to keep from getting back into debt in the future.

After you have successfully worked your way out of debt, you can use the tools that we provide to assist you in developing healthy financial habits. Consolidating payday loans is a service that our firm is able to provide for our customers in a competent manner.

You need to turn to us for help if you believe that you are no longer able to handle your financial obligations on your own. Dial our agent at 855-413-4998 right away to get the ball rolling on getting out from under your financial obligations.

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